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Truth does not come easily to those who have constant contradictions inside of them. You will find yourself deceiving others to be accepted, when reality is, you cannot accept yourself.

Constant arguing between your heart and mind creates an imbalance and an improper dipiction of yourself.

Those who are unhappy fit this description. They have this fake image of themselves upon other people and tend to fuck them over, might be with realization but uncaring for the most part. When the arguing inside of them starts to grow, the realness tries to put itself on someone else. These people wonder why no one cares about thier problems. It's because of this fake reflection.

One great feeling is when someone has slapped you across the face in words and you do not flush with anger for you know yourself. The other person resists this temptation of constant detesting and gives up. For this will not satisfy the depression that hangs around hungrily.

Once you are calm, once you can sit and feel content, once something demoralizing and belittling has just happened and afterwards it has no effect, once all of this, your mind and heart have harmonized with eachother creating your inner solitary.

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