pastelsandblood (pastelsandblood) wrote in heardinthedark,

happiness is selfishness

im interested in hearing others' views.
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I absolutely, 100% agree.

My friends and I got in an argument about this exact topic today. I've dropped in their eyes because I said that I valued my own happiness above all others- in the end, what else do you have?

Obviously, in extreme situations like my life for 1000 people to live, I'd give up my life...I guess.

But why would I do this? Maybe because society has deemed it noble for me to sacrifice my life? And I wouldn't be able to live with myself because then I would be labeled a coward, degraded by society. That's entirely possible.

They always pull out those things like "Helping people makes me happy."

And I always bring up the argument- sure, because it makes you feel good about yourself. Feeling needed makes everybody happy. No one wants to know that their existence is pointless and they are useless. They help people to satisfy themselves, whether it's subconciously or admittedly.
agree. i believe somewhat in the Will to Power. you're only happy when you're gaining power, therefore stealing it from soemone else.
I'm not sure I agree. If the choices you make in your own life also make you happy, it's not selfishness. However, if you only make the choices that will make you happy, that may be considered selfishness. I'm also not sure that there is such a thing as selfishness in existetelism...if you're living life for you, and life in itself, how can you be selfish?

just my two cents. :)
I'm afraid I don't really have an answer to your question. I would like to disagree, but I don't really have any supporting evidence or reasoning. It's more the idea that it's nice to think one can be happy while helping others.

However, your post did make me think of a subject I myself have been debating a lot. Is happiness that is felt when a person is not truly happy (feeling good when a person is just so far done they've given up hope, for instance), actually happiness? I would argue yes, simply because happiness is merely an emotion, a programmed biological response to certain outside stimuli. If a person feels happy, even when they have no reason to be, it's still happiness.

Sorry to go completely off subject, but I just felt like throwing that out there.
people arent only happy when gaining power for themselves, that is completely not true.
dont any of you have that happiness come to you when, say, you are watching people or nature or a silm or anything, and there is that moment where you smile and you feel perfect because something was intriguing or quirky? how is that to your own advantage and being selfish?
if anything, being happy is the proof of you enjoying and appreciating whats around you
mind you that existenialism...everything you do is an experience whether society sees it as good or bad, you learn from EVERYTHING, and if experience and learning isnt enough to make you slef-lessly happy, then yes- that is when happines is selfish.
I think there is no one answer to this, happiness is not really a fixed thing, sometimes you may feel happy for helping people and sometimes you feel happy when you do something for yourself, but that's just to add to scenario... happiness comes to people in many diverse ways,

if we're all alone and forced to create truth, then why are we trying to create truth for others to follow... does validating your opinion with others cause it to become a truth...

I think that any mood that humans sense is a selfish thing. Feeling something requires overlooking something else, such as someone else's accomplishments or strife. Therefore, not only happiness, but jealousy, sadness, anger, and so forth are all bits of selfishness. What about sympathy? Is that selfish or selfless?
Sometimes we try to force our ego to stand down, but in doing so, we only puff ourselves up more with accomplishment. The human spectrum of emotion truly is amazing, yet disgusting at the same time.
I've actually wondered quite often if sympathy is selfish. At times it almost seems degrading to feel sorry for another person. Its as if we're saying we are in a better position and are in the position to pass judgement. But when is it putting ourselves in their place and when is it placing ourselves above the other person?
Sympathy, if in the same vein as pity, is degrading to another person. Pity, and therefore, sympathy, are emotions derived from feeling superior to another person. However, to place you in their situation, to look through the glass and see you on the other side, that is empathy. Sympathy is characterized by little Hallmark cards and trying to make somebody feel better, all the while being glad that you are not them. Empathy is borne of understanding, or at least, an attempt to understand. Savvy?
does it matter?
i guess what i mean is that, if you're not happy - then what's the point? If you don't LOVE your life - what's the point? If people percieve what you do as selfish - that's their problem not yours.